Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Are All Going To Die.

Wow.  I am terrible at thinking of appropriate blog titles.
But now that I have your attention...
If there's one thing that today has taught me, it's that no matter how brilliantly your day is going, all it takes is one piece of news to turn everything around.
Well, of course I've already learned this lesson; but today's happenings sure reinforced it within my mind.  It's amazing how one piece of information can effect so many things:
The emotions experienced by the people around you, the heart rates/blood pressure of the people around you, the number of smiles visible on the faces of those around you, the general mood of the venue in which the piece of information was shared (with the people around you), sometimes even the weather!  (Have you ever noticed that approximately 99.9% of bad news is delivered when it's raining?  What is with that..!  Perhaps if we found some way of preventing rain from falling, bad things would just stop happening altogether..  *strokes chin*)

I am aware that all this ambiguity is probably driving you nuts, but this entry is not so much about what actually happened today, but rather the things I learned as a result of it.  ..I think..
But of course I can only be sure once I've written some more, as quite a lot of my blog entries tend to make a series of abrupt topic-changes before I make my point;  that is, of course, if I have a point to make.

Another thing that was reinforced by today's happenings is that you can never be sure when a person leaves, whether or not you will get to see them again.  I have been paranoid about this ever since learning the hard way that sometimes you don't get to say goodbye.  As a result of this, every time somebody important to me leaves the room, I can't help but wonder if it will be the last time I see them alive.  Therefore, I always take extra care when bidding them farewell, as I don't want the last thing I ever say to them to be something like "Make sure you get the Fancy Feast brand of cat food.  It's the only thing he'll eat."

But, since this isn't the most cheerful of topics, I will now change it.

On my desk watching me type is a pink, cross-eyed, plastic rabbit named Rupert, who performs backflips when you wind him up.  It amazes me how he manages to land perfectly on his little pink, plastic feet at the end of each and every backflip.  Rupert, I looove you.
You're such a good listener.  (Lolol, because of the ears.  And the fact that you're a plastic toy that can't tell me to shut up.)

Aaaand once again I have failed to reach a sensible conclusion and clearly communicate my point.  However, I will say this:
Tell people who are important to you how much you appreciate them.  People like knowing that they are appreciated, and they can't always figure it out for themselves.  Plus, it will make them feel a whole lot more confident.
And you can rest assured that if they die (God rest their souls), at least they will have died knowing how you feel about them!  (What can I say; my display name is Optimistically cynical..)
So it's a win-win situation:
Those close to you will feel good about themselves knowing that they have had a positive influence on your life, AND, you will feel good knowing that those close to you know how much they mean to you! ... :D

So, I guess we are nearing the end of this blog entry..  But before I go, I would just like to sincerely thank you for reading and sharing the journey with me - and if you enjoyed this one, by all means, feel free to read the rest!
..Who knows?  Maybe this will be the last entry I ever compose..

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