Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wouldn't It Be Crazy...

Wouldn't it be crazy if what we consider to be 'life' was just one highly advanced game of Sims, and each and every one of us was merely an avatar being controlled by some unknown being...
We may very well have been programmed to think that we feel feelings and smell smells.  When we play video games, for our controllers, it's kind of like a video game inside a video game.
Our controllers could be responsible for ensuring that we eat, drink and exercise in order for us to stay alive.  (Kind of like Tamagotchi! :D)
If this is so, then my controller is responsible for the writing of this blog entry, depicting the immensity of my paranoia.
Thanks a lot, controller.  Now people will think I'm crazy..
(Or rather their controllers will program them to think that I'm crazy.)
..Every now and then, I watch for glitches and dead pixels.
Sooner or later one's sure to show up.
Our controllers are responsible for developing and maintaining our relationships with other avatars (-or destroying them for their own selfish amusement).  Eventually, our controller will select a mate for us and when the time comes, program us to get freaky and have little baby avatars.

...This is what happens when I write late at night.
Thanks for reading. ..That is, if you made it this far.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha. :)
    I love it.
    I remember our conversation & how our minds were blown.
    There is sooo much we don't even know yet!
    Science has the potential to advance so much more.
    Wowow. Mind blown all over again.
    Loving your blog.