Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Birthday To Remember.

We all have that one moment in our lives thus far that stands out as the single most terrifying moment we have ever experienced.
Without further ado, I will now tell you about mine.
About a month ago, one of my best friends decided to have a sleepover for her birthday and invite all of "us girls".  It was approaching midnight and we were having a great time just sitting around the dimly-lit living room talking and gorging ourselves on lollies.  We we were all keeping an eye on the time, as we were anxiously anticipating the hour of midnight, as our friend would finally be 17.
There were ten seconds...
All of a sudden, we heard a creaking noise, so we all turned our heads just in time to see the door behind us slowly opening.
And within a second of this happening, all of the lights went out.
Now, I'm not usually much of a screamer..
But I screamed so loud that I had tears in my eyes.
In my defense, I really thought I was going to be killed..!

I wasn't the only one screaming though.
All five of us were hysterical.
My flashlight was sitting on the table in front of us, but I was too scared to reach over and turn it on.  WHAT IF THE PSYCHO KILLER GRABBED ME..!
So we just sat there in the darkness, all huddled together on the couch, too afraid to utter a single word.  ..Which, now that I think about it, doesn't really make sense, considering how loudly we had screamed.

A couple of minutes later, the family came to our rescue.  I can only imagine how freaked out they would have been when they heard us all screaming.  But it turns out that it was storming profusely outside, and the power going out was merely a result of a massive tree falling on the power line.
Nevertheless, we didn't go back downstairs until morning.
Unless we needed to pee.
(The bathroom is downstairs.)
The creepiest thing about that night was that all of this coincidentally took place at midnight.
Oh, and I think it would be kind of ironic to die in a living room.
But despite us all fearing for our lives, it was still our best sleepover yet!

Now, for some audience participation:
What's your most terrifying moment?


  1. wow! what a story!

    you follow me:
    and I will return the favor ;)

  2. Hey Happy Birthday, why didn't you tell anyone it was coming up

  3. :P It wasn't my birthday.. But thanks! Haha, mine was about a week before.