Saturday, January 8, 2011


I think that the reason we treasure photographs is that unlike the people in them, they never change.  No matter how different things around us are becoming, photographs will always stay the same.  (..Unless, of course, they’ve been Shopped.  
..Or they’re moving photographs like the ones in Harry Potter.  
I apologise for bracket-ranting (-the act of ranting inside brackets (Did I just make up a word and define it within a separate pair of brackets?  Damn straight I did.)) but how freaking awesome would that be!  I guess nowadays there are digital photo frames...   That’s pretty cool :D and you can store videos on them so they can be kind of like the ones in HP; but slightly less zomg-freaking-awesome.  The next step is digital newspapers; Where the pictures move and whatnot.  They have them in Harry Potter too D: damn I wish magic was real.)  But, moving back to my original thesis, each photo represents a memory.
A sad truth is that sometimes, photographs are all we have.

Photos can also be used as evidence; and not just to prove criminals guilty.
Evidence that you're not going crazy and that things really did happen.  Because when you think about it, our memories may be far from accurate.  Who's to say that some of your most treasured memories even took place at all if there aren't photos to prove that they did.
(And boom.  Just like that, your mind has been blown.)
It's scary to think about though.. :S

Looking at a photograph can take you back to another place and time where things were completely different to the way they are now.  This can trigger some pretty powerful emotions.  I’m such a crybaby when flipping through old photo albums.  But I enjoy it.  Hell, sometimes I even play some gentle music to add to the mood.  Yeah, I’m pretty much the lamest person alive.  (..Evermore are wonderful.  And Coldplay.  I can’t believe I used to get those two confused. :S)

Some photos just make you wonder “WHAT THE SHIT.”  
The one below is a prime example of this.
Your argument is invalid.

So get'cho film on. Capture moments. Have fun. But not too much fun.
As Howard Moon says:
"We all like having fun, but it's even more fun, when we can have safe fun."

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