Thursday, January 27, 2011

Growing Up.

Something that I have only just begun to come to terms with is how quickly I am growing up.  I know growing up is something that must happen eventually, but when it does happen, we find ourselves wishing we could be children again;
in a world of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, where we could play in the dirt and eat worms all day long without being judged by those around us.
But we wouldn't dream of doing these things now..  That would be social suicide!
- This is one of the things about childhood that I miss the most.  The way that all children accept one another, just the way they are.
Even the one sitting in the corner eating play-dough.
(Yeah, 12 years ago that kid was me.)

This is something I observed last year when I did my work experience at the local Prep.  I dealt with my fair share of children with snot dribbling down their faces and even some with a rather keen appetite for glue; but no matter how freaky some of these children were, to my astonishment, they all had large groups of friends.  When I compare this to the social situation at my highschool, it's crazy to think that we all used to be that accepting.
Nowadays, people my age ridicule anyone who's the slightest bit 'different' and start nasty rumours and only ever hold hands when they're dating.

To be honest, growing up has always been one of my biggest fears.
One of my favourite books as a child was Peter Pan.
The idea of escaping from all responsibilities and hassles of every-day life to a place where I could stay young forever always appealed to me.  Of course back then I didn't fully understand the moral of the story as I do now.
But I can always find comfort in the realisation that no matter how many wrinkles I acquire, to some degree, my childish immaturity will always be in tact.

So, the moral of this post is:
Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife and hide yo' husband,

And more importantly, hold onto your childish immaturity with all your might.  Because who needs acceptance from snooty popular people!
Your true friends will love you for the freak that you are.


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