Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life's Greatest Mysteries.

So my best friend Jackie and I thought it might be fun to write a blog entry together!  (Check out her blog!  She's rad. )

Sometimes, when we're feeling inquisitive, we find ourselves pondering some of life's greatest mysteries:
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Is there a God?
  • Is any of this even real?
  • ..Am I real?
  • Who let the dogs out?
  • Was it the same inconsiderate bastard who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
  • Are we human, or are we dancers?
  • Why do we refer to night time as "after dark" when really it comes after light?
  • Can one simply walk into Mordor?
  • Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected become the expected?
  • How did the Flintstones know about Christmas?
  • We all dream...  But do we really dream?
  • If the world will end in 2012, in which time zone will it end?
  • What would happen if Pinocchio said "My nose will now grow"?
  • If a person with a split personality threatens to commit suicide, is it a hostage situation?
  • Is there an actual purpose to this blog?
Yes, there most certainly is.
Life can sometimes be as hard as trying to fathom just how the hell Catdog manages to poop.
(Yet another of life's great mysteries.)
The truth is, you can never be sure of what life has in store for you.
It's amazing how much can change in just one day.

...Imagine this.
You are a pilot.
You are flying a plane.
Your day is off to a great start.
You had a perfect take-off, you haven't experienced any turbulence; you're a happy little Vegemite, as bright as bright can be.
Suddenly, the plane you're flying suffers an engine failure and your plane-load of passengers begin rapidly plummeting towards the ground below.
You are aware that the plane has a back-up engine that you can activate.
You also happen to be aware that every single passenger on the plane is a convicted felon, all of whom have been sentenced to death.
Here, you find yourself faced with two choices:

Choice A:  To activate the back-up engine, regain control over the plane and arrive safely at your destination; thus maintaining your flawless reputation as a pilot.
Choice B:  To sacrifice yourself in order to ensure the deaths of each and every criminal on board the plane.  You would die a hero and go down in history.

Basically, what you should take from this somewhat ridiculous analogy is that in some cases, there is no easy choice.

On an unrelated note, sign language is awesome!
Last night Jackie and I decided to teach ourselves how to sign a sentence or two.
As of yet, my favourite word is "bacon".


  1. nice post! awsm work you both did! :D

  2. I would land the plane and set the plane on fire.

  3. CatDog LOL I can't believe the things that were entertaining as a kid.

  4. keep on questioning, ledies.