Thursday, January 13, 2011


So I'm just munching away on my toasted sandwich at 1:57 in the afternoon, when the thought occurs to me that the word "Brunch" is somewhat unnecessary.  
The term "Breakfast" is made up of the words break + fast.  "Break", meaning 
'a disruption or interval' and "fast", 'to temporarily abstain from food'.  
So essentially, Breakfast is a disruption or interval in one's temporary abstinence from food.
Going by this definition, every meal should be called "Breakfast".
But I can see how that could get confusing.  Friendships would be ruined; relationships destroyed.
People would arrive at eating venues expecting to meet their associates for "Breakfast" and get uber offended when they don't show up on time.  
Utter chaos would ensue.
But to avoid this confusion we could number our meals:
Breakfast 1
Breakfast 2
Breakfast 3
Breakfast 3.5 (For those who love to snack.)
Breakfast 4
And even Breakfast 5!
That would save us the effort of remembering all the alternate meal-names.
Morning tea, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert, midnight snack attack, AND THEN THERE ARE THE SYNONYMS.
It's just too much.
Less words = More brainspace.
That's enough blogging for now..  I have to Breakfast.
That's right.  I used Breakfast as a verb. ;) Ch'yeaahhhh.

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