Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ambiguity = Fun.

Something I absolutely love doing in my spare time, is posting really ambiguous statuses on facebook.
-Statuses that can be interpreted in so many different ways.
I have no idea why, but it just makes me feel so powerful...  And when people comment on them, it's like I know something they don't.  Which makes me happy.
Especially when it's something that can be interpreted really negatively.
For example:
"<insert name here> just can't do this anymore.."
(Adding a couple of dots to the end of a statement can make it seem so much more dramatic.  Remember this; it will get you far in life.)
And then people comment on it, saying things like "Don't do it!  You have so much more to live for!"
Dean Laugh
Then I say something like "Calm down, I was talking about my math homework.. :D but thank you!"
It's the little things like this that make me enjoy life.

I also find it really interesting to see who comments and how they interpreted what I have said.
Sometimes it can even give you a little insight as to what people think of you.
That is, if you do it right.. (;
Do any of you do things like this, or am I just weird?


  1. :)
    Well I love the ambiguity of the GIF. you have used to further illustrate your point.
    Because it to is rather ambiguous.
    It could be suggesting that writing statuses, like the one you used as an example, make you laugh as mush as he. It could also be suggesting that you love Jensen Ackles, but really, let's be honest here, who doesn't? It could also be suggesting that you chose this particular GIF. because you enjoy that particualr episode of Supernatural. This I know to be false as you have never seen this episode (Smith & Wesson) - (a name of a popular gun, which the boys regularly use, but also the last names of the characters in the episode - therefore a pun or parody) as I believe it to be in Season 4... or maybe 5 and you haven't seen past the end of season 1. My logical conclusion: You used this GIF. 1) because it, itself is funny, 2) it is an exaggeration of how you react / feel by posting ambiguous statuses, & finally 3) because Jensen Ackles is a rather, extremely, attractive man.

  2. I do this as well sometimes, when really bored its nice to post a random status and see who cares/will try to ambig you lol