Friday, February 11, 2011


For the next couple of weeks, I am living in a tent.
Not because I don't have a house anymore...  I do.
-Which is incredibly lucky, considering my hometown was one of the areas that was most affected by the recent cyclone.
(Well, I don't exactly live in town...  But I'm not far out.
And I went to school there.
So I just like to call it my hometown;
Makes me feel like I belong somewhere...)
But anyway, back to my tent.  
The reason I am living in a tent is that my 'hometown' is without electricity and my house is like a sauna.  
And saunas are hot.  
And heat makes you sweat.  
And I don't like sweating.
When I say I'm living in a tent, I don't mean full on 'camping' in the yard.
That would be crazy.  
The yard is full of mud...  
Muddy mud.
Muddy mud that reeks of death and decomposition.
And plus, the verandah is safe.  And breezy.

But this is only minor compared to the sheer devastation that some people have been faced with.
The morning after the cyclone I went for a drive around my 'hometown' to inspect the damage, and I could not believe my eyes.  The sand from the beach had all washed up onto the main street and there was sand on the doorstep of pretty much every shop in town.  Almost every tree was either on its side or had been completely stripped of all its leaves.  There were houses without roofs.  
It was madness...  Blasphemy...

But the thing that baffled me most was the fact that the previous day, everything had been normal.  All of this had happened overnight.  
And it was amazing how different everything looked.  Places that had once appeared distant suddenly looked so close.
But what's even more amazing is how everybody has been working together to restore the town to its former 'glory'.  Sure, I'll admit that my 'hometown' is and always has been a bit of a hole...  But it's our hole.  Without it, we wouldn't be whole.  (That's community spirit right there.)
And the army men who have come to help out are nothing short of wonderful.
Not only do they work like slaves;  They look good doing it..
And we are all extremely grateful.

Nevertheless, I think for a while at least, an appropriate district motto would be:
"Cyclone Yasi kicked my assi."

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  1. Lol, I'm sorry for your present situation, but your post is quite humorous. Following, May your tent forever fly high. XD