Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow, so it's been far too long since I posted on here.
I guess it's understandable, considering the extreme life-changes I've experienced since around this time last year.
Well, I consider them to be extreme, although they probably aren't extreeeeme enough for anyone else to quite agree with my choice of wording. It's not like I've taken up any extreeeeme sports such as skydiving or dolphin riding or even unicycle hockey (as amazingly fun as that last one sounds).
Actually, the most life-threatening activity I currently subject myself to would be catching public transport to the University every weekday.. (But hey, there are some scary-ass people on some of those buses.)


YES. That's right, I said University.
Even I find it a little hard to believe at times. 

But yes, this is just one of the many changes that my life has recently undergone.
In the past 12 months I have also:
  • Graduated from high school
  • Moved out of home to live in the city with my boyfriend
  • ..Acquired an amazing boyfriend *giggles and blushes*
  • Started cooking dinner for myself (and afore mentioned boyf) and adhering to many other womanly duties such as ironing and washing clothes
  • Grown up ever so slightly
Oh, and to those of you who read a blog I wrote a little over a year ago about how nervous I was about going for my Learner Driver's Permit, I got it! And in a few days I will be undergoing a driving test which will hopefully result in me advancing to a Provisional (P1) Driver's Licence!
And to think I was nervous about getting my Ls..

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